The Lovely Brothers
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If you want to wear a pair of flares
Sandals and a flower in your hair
Dig world peace and LSD
Be a Hippie

If you want to try on a suit or
Anorak and ride a scooter
Generally being an arrogant knob
Be a Mod

Come and take your pick
Identity politics
Without them your self-image shatters
It's the difference between us that matters

If you want to spit in my face
Call me a fascist and smash up the place
Have a mohican and always be drunk
Be a Punk

If you want to have morbid thoughts
Wear corsets and look like a corpse
Feel that you're full of satanic wrath
Be a Goth

“Hi, this is James and I'm a psychedelic gore-pop monkey”
“I'm Jenny and I'm a neo-skifflist”
“Hello my name is Kevin and I'm a hard-banging bag-house rocker”
“Yo, this is Daz – the cyber-kraut junglist”
“I'm Tarquin and I'm a speed-annihilation metaller, and so is my wife!”
“Debbie here, I'm a techno-brain agit-glam baroque jazzer”
“This is Dave and I'm a post-funk prog-rapster Teddy Boy, but I used to be medium-core headtrance uber-ska fusion-blues Romo...”

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