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Charity Shopping

I woke up this morning with a fiver to my name
I bought a new duffle coat and a rare board game
I found a programme for an '82 cup semi-final
And picked up Hot Chocolate's back catalogue on vinyl

It was only later when I noticed something strange
In my pocket I still had £2.40 change
Way-hey! Today, I've been charity shopping!

So I went in again and bought a Spectrum cassette
A framed photo of a Lotus and a glass crockery set
They had loads of retro wigs, so I thought: what the hell!
I bought the lot and got the polystyrene heads as well

But much to my embarrassment I was short by 20p
So I smiled at the old dear and she let me have it all for free
Way-hey! Today, I've been charity shopping!

Charity shopping!
Splash out when you're broke
Charity shopping!
Hanging out with the old folk
Charity shopping!
I've never in my life seen so many jig-saws
Charity shopping!
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: it's for a good cause

It pleases me somewhat to find all the crap chart pop
Vanishes for a decade and reappears in a charity shop
Like Terence Trent Derby, All Saints and Michelle
Toni Braxton, East 17 and Gabrielle

It's an unofficial archive of every worthless top-ten hit
The kids who bought them grew up and realised they were shit
Way-hey! Today, I've been charity shopping!

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