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Cyber Love

Cyber love, it turns me on
Machine and man will cum together in the future
Cyber love, it’s a bit like Tron
But only a part of you will be stuck in a computer

Press her button, a keystroke
Like a lady you must caress her
She’ll only peak when you poke
Gotta stoke her central processor

Making love to the digital age
Making love to the digital age

A hard drive, a floppy disk
We’ve got an intimate internet connection
I don’t care, I’ll take the risk
Although I’ve got no virus protection

Nothing else can satisfy me
My sexual preferences are saved and stored
If Sigmund Freud were here he’d say
Every man wants to fuck his motherboard

Making love to the digital age
Bowing down to the digital age
Undoing the flies of the digital age
Sucking the chrome-plated cock of the digital age

Cyber love, with a robot
Like Robocop or the Terminator
Cyber love, I’ll tell you what
They could last longer than any vibrator

Dr Who had no time
For Billie Piper, but he was in bliss
Doing it doggy-style with K9
By the end he had an arsehole like a Tardis

I always knew there was a reason why
R2D2 was only waist-high

Making love to the digital age

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