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Conspiracy Fear Ease
Brother Bemps has made a video about the strange and compelling world of conspiracy theories. It's proper funny and there's also a bunch of 'micro songs' thrown into the mix. Watch the video on YouTube here.
15 July 2021

An Awful Sound
What's that noise? Ah, the cogs of inanity have started to whir once more! The Lovely Brothers are breaking cover with a bunch of new live dates announced today. It probably won't last, so catch us while you can!
28 April 2019

Aces High
Finally the national press has starting paying attention to The Lovely Brothers! Admittedly, our latest coverage is in a model aircraft magazine, but it's a start...
12 Jan 2017

Topps of the Pops
Our erstwhile keyboard player, Mr Pump, who was last seen chasing squirrels near the M1, has been spotted in a trailer for a short film entitled Mr Topps. He's only in it for a split, harrowing second, but apparently the plastic-faced freak will have slightly bigger role in the short film, which is set to appear as a DVD extra on the sequel to the Troma classic Class Of Nuke 'Em High.
04 April 2016

All Aboard!
Our show last month at the Bring Back British Rail fundraiser has been reviewed in Brighton Source (read it here). Turns out we helped raise £700 for the group, which is surely enough to renationalise a few metres of track at least. There's some great pics from the gig too.
13 January 2016

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