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Conspiracy Fear Ease
Brother Bemps has made a video about the strange and compelling world of conspiracy theories. It's proper funny and there's also a bunch of 'micro songs' thrown into the mix. Watch the video on YouTube here.
15 July 2021

An Awful Sound
What's that noise? Ah, the cogs of inanity have started to whir once more! The Lovely Brothers are breaking cover with a bunch of new live dates announced today. It probably won't last, so catch us while you can!
28 April 2019

Aces High
Finally the national press has starting paying attention to The Lovely Brothers! Admittedly, our latest coverage is in a model aircraft magazine, but it's a start...
12 Jan 2017

Topps of the Pops
Our erstwhile keyboard player, Mr Pump, who was last seen chasing squirrels near the M1, has been spotted in a trailer for a short film entitled Mr Topps. He's only in it for a split, harrowing second, but apparently the plastic-faced freak will have slightly bigger role in the short film, which is set to appear as a DVD extra on the sequel to the Troma classic Class Of Nuke 'Em High.
04 April 2016

All Aboard!
Our show last month at the Bring Back British Rail fundraiser has been reviewed in Brighton Source (read it here). Turns out we helped raise £700 for the group, which is surely enough to renationalise a few metres of track at least. There's some great pics from the gig too.
13 January 2016

Training Montage
We're dead chuffed to be supporting John Hegley at a benefit gig for Bring Back British Rail, a campaign seeking to bring the railways back into public ownership. Blyth Power are also playing, being trainspotters.
18 November 2015

Farewell, Stranger
Apologies! We were meant to be playing a couple of festivals this month, but we've had to cancel due to a band member going AWOL in Kent. The last time we saw Mr Pump he was investigating what looked to be a small entrance underneath a felled oak tree. The Lovely Brothers have now found a replacement and are carrying on without him.
2 September 2015

Beach Pumps
Mr Pump, everyone's plastic-faced freak, has somehow got himself a solo gig on Ramsgate Beach on Aug 23. The Lovely Brothers' keyboard player, who feeds from his an abdomen-mounted 'shrift sack' via a plastic tube, is taking part in a festival down there, but we have yet to track down the person responsible for booking him.
6 July 2015

Goodbye To The Beard
We're saddened to hear that fellow absurdist satrical cabaret punk noisenik Brighton band, Anal Beard, are calling it day. On second thoughts it's probably about time. Having played numerous shows with them over the years we're pleased to announce that The Lovely Brothers will be joining them for their farewell show in September. Messy it will be.
28 June 2015

Back To Bassics
After a bit of a hiatus, we're back on the case with some new material and a new bass player. We're currently in the process of teaching him the songs and deciding how to dress him. Email suggestions welcome.
17 July 2014

Video Deluge
Ever wondered what it would be like to watch The Lovely Brothers under the influence of horse tranquillisers? Yes? Then check out this visually-enhanced video from our Fringe show at the Komedia by Adriana Sabau. There's also videos of Little Boys & Little Girls, McGoth and Mr Pump's improv freak out - plus a rendition of OCD we gave to passersby in the street at Fringe City.
4 July 2013

Very Disturbed Indeed
Our Fringe show last month got a nice write-up in Brighton Source magazine. "Lounge punk cabaret isn't everyone's cup of tea," it says. "If you weren't laughing, you might be very disturbed indeed." You can read it here.
4 June 2013

Can You Hear The Scamperings?
Check out Brother Bemps' blog: it's the most pointless thing he's done since joining The Lovely Brothers. It features a review of Arnold Schwarzenegger's autobiography, a survey of kebab shop managers and lots of lists. Lists!
10 May 2013

Vote For Us!
We've entered a competition to win a proper expensive photo shoot! You've got to go to Create Studios Facebook page and 'like' the picture of us. If you want us to win, that is.
4 May 2013

Fringe Drinking
The Lovely Brothers return once more to the Komedia for a special Fringe Festival show on Sunday 19 May. The Facebook event is here and you can buy tickets from the Komedia and Fringe website. We're also doing a short set in the street the day before as part of Fringe City.
25 Apr 2013

Summer Of Lovely
We've got a few festivals lined up for the summer. First off, we're playing at Attila the Stockbroker's Glastonwick Festival at the end of May, then the Harlequin Fayre and Blyth Power's Ashes in August. More details here.
25 Feb 2013

New Videos!
Exciting times! We've just uploaded a trio of live videos to our YouTube Channel. Click here to watch us perform a newish song called McGoth, click here to learn about the perils of obsessive cleaning or click here to watch us fall through the gaps in a slowly collasping stage. They were all filmed by Caroline Iandoli at our last Komedia show.
23 Jan 2013

A Really Bad Joke
Those of you who missed our last gig can read all about it in this rather good Brighton Source review: "It sounds like the opening line to a really bad joke, and in a way it is."
29 Nov 2012

Bringing The House Down
Despite the stage collapsing beneath us we had a rather good time at the Komedia on Sunday - especially as MJ Hibbett came down from London to support us. Not only was he very nice, he also wrote nice things about the gig on his blog. What's more, we had some people filming the show so you can expect some fancy footage spam in the coming weeks.
20 Nov 2012

It Could Be You!
We are running a competition for a lucky Lovely Brothers fan to meet the band, spend the day with them and have VIP seats at a special show. All you need to do is send us an email containing the words "Yes, I will happily drive you and your equipment to Norfolk on November 3rd."
25 Oct 2012

Home & Away
We had such a good time playing at the Ashes last weekend we decided to brave the world beyond Brighton for a gig in deepest Norfolk. We've also got another Komedia show booked - just in case we feel homesick.
2 Sept 2012

Fringe Binge
Thanks to everyone who came to our fringe show last weekend, especially the ever-bewildering MC Fashion. It was a blast. Now there's even talk of taking our asses to Edinburgh. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed playing along with your favourite band, but if you were one of the people who stole an empty cider bottle - can we have it back?
1 June 2012

Don't All Rush At Once
Tickets are now on sale for our Fringe show at the Komedia. Buy them from here now in case you change your mind at a later date.
5 April 2012

The Songs Remain The Same
We've just decked ourselves out with a new page on SoundCloud. Go here to listen to some hot 'Meat Music' and 'Erotic Electro'. Don't forget to click the bit that makes you our follower. We will treat you nice.
28 Feb 2012

Vampires In Brighton!
Brother Bemps' new zine is on sale in our shop. Like Zombies In Brighton it is a satirical 'choose your own adventure' style horror story. There's a Facebook page for it here. Gratuitous gore! Social Commentary! Non-linear narrative!
16 Dec 2011

Lord Of Plastic
We've just discovered a review of our album from a Spanish magazine called Una Buena Barba. Apparently the mag is dedicated to feminism, queer theory and beards. The review says "The Lovely Brothers is formed of a doll, a maiden, a crooner rundown, a Lord of plastic which feeds sucking its own navel and two terrorists transsexual." There's a longer and badly translated quote on our reviews page, but the whole mag can be downloaded here.
3 Nov 2011

Unholy Collision...
Thanks to everyone who came to our Fringe show and made it such jolly good fun. If you didn't make it, the night was reviewed here by Latest 7 mag. Apparently, we're an "unholy collision between The Cramps and Noel Coward."
23 May 2011

On The Radio!
On Sunday the 15th we're doing a live session for BBC Sussex Radio to promote our gig in the Brighton Fringe. The show's called 'BBC Introducing: The South' and it starts at 7pm. The host is everyone's favourite two-pronged music journo, Simon Price.
13 May 2011

Do You Want Some Chilli Sauce With That?
Brother Bemps has just posted an animated 'music video' on YouTube for our Kebab song. The animation is pretty cheap and nasty, but that seems somehow apt. Watch it here.
21 February 2011

Buy it!
At long last, our new album is ready and willing to be bought! The CD features nine tracks of loveliness and costs £7. Get it here. We've also updated the website with new music, photos, reviews and old posters.
26 November 2010

A Day By The Seaside
The Lovely Brothers spent a lovely day doing a hit-and-run photoshoot along Brighton seafront. We posed in puddles of piss underneath the pier, got chucked out of an arcade hall by an angry manager bloke ("It's my livelihood!") and ended up staging shots for tourists' holiday snaps. Mr Pump, poor fellow, even got twatted by a child with an inflatable hammer.
12 September 2010

Shoreham Calling!
We're looking for people to perform at a Shoreham-themed night on Saturday June the 19th. We've got a few things lined up like a pub quiz, a tedious lecture on local history, some special songs and a party-political broadcast from the Shoreham Nationalist Party - but there's still space for anyone who wants to do something. It can be anything you like, as long as there is a tenuous Shoreham link.
10 June 2010

Fringe Benefits
Our Brighton Fringe show has been glowingly previewed in Brighton Source magazine. We've also been tipped as ones to watch by Three Weeks. Who can resist the powerful sway of such media frenzy?
4 May 2010

Recording Recommences
As well as doing two gigs last weekend we also managed to fit in a three-day session in a studio behind Brighton's Fairtrade Gallery. The new album is shaping up nicely, due to the input and patience of Joe 'Analogue' Watson - from Stereolab and Period Recordings. We might even finish it one day.
26 April 2010

Rough Mixes
We've just uploaded some rough mixes of new songs. Go here to hear. Be warned, there's an unhealthy amount of reverb on some of them (think of it like those annoying superimposed logos that stop you nicking professional photographs from the web).
3 March 2010

Zombies In Brighton!
Brother Bemps has released a 'choose your own adventure' book about zombies attacking Brighton. This non-linear, gore-fest can be bought at our gigs, our shop and in various places around Brighton. There's also a facebook page here.
1 February 2010

One Gig Cancelled, Another On Its Way
Sorry to everyone who tried to come and see us last night. It's hard to say whose fault it was, but the venue was shut. Anyway, why not satisfy your lovely cravings by coming to the Hub on Tuesday instead?
20 December 2009

New Recording
The Lovely Brothers spent last weekend in Kent recording a new album. This time it actually involved a studio, rather than a bedroom, and it sounds great! We re-recorded a few old songs and put down five new ones. We haven't mixed it yet, and it won't be out for ages, but we were all so excited by it we thought we should tell you. However, the prospect of another big box of CDs stacked up in my room made me realise that we should try to sell the old one. After discussing various sales strategies, we decided to SLASH the price by £2.50. If you'd like a copy of 'We Are Not Amused' you can get it for £4 from our shop page.
30 September 2009

Argus Interview
The Lovely Brothers were interviewed by The Argus the other week. Go here to read an exclusive scoop about Mr Pump's excess fluids.
20 July 2009

No Freedom, No Fun
We were supposed to be playing at the Freedom Fun Festival yesterday, but it was cancelled. If by any chance you were planning to see us, I apologise. We didn't find out ourselves until we all got up to the site - so we went exploring in the woods instead and ended up spending the day in a desolate adventure playground. As for why it didn't happen, I still don't know. The most we could get out of the promoters was something about 'negative vibes'.
29 June 2009

Brighton Festival Stuff
Some more good press! And this time it is actually about us. Our festival show at the Komedia on May 7 was previewed in The Argus, and reviewed by Three Weeks Magazine.
2 June 2009

Holiday Snaps!
We've just uploaded a big old bunch of photos from the last couple of shows. There's also some holiday snaps of our day trip to a kebab shop. Enjoy your eyes, slavish goblins.
18 May 2009

The Lovely Brothers On The BBC!
Well, not quite. But we were mentioned by the BBC in an article about cider. Admittedly it is quite a boring article (actually, it is little more than a reprinted press release), and the cider in question is not exactly cheap. But hey, as Clive used to say, any publicity is good publicity! We merited a mention for leaving graffiti in a pub toilet in London. Read it here.
01 May 2009

Five-Star Review!
We got reviewed recently in Brighton mag, Latest 7. In fact, we were review of the week. Look! They even gave us five stars, which was nice. One for each of us.
07 April 2009

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