The Lovely Brothers
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Rhomboid Dilemma

Student Cliché
Now that I am no longer at university I can openly express my contempt for students. However, when I was one myself I was compelled to shroud this scorn in a thin veil of irony, hence this song. Yet because everything students do is already wholly steeped in irony, and because many of them ironically pretend to be ironic students, I got very confused. It is a sinister web I never wish to become entangled in again.

If there's one thing more tedious and unfair than jokes about Belgians, it is flippant put-downs of hippies. Although this song happens to start with a flippant put-down of hippies (and goes on to ridicule most other subcultures), it is aimed more at those who treat such things as a 'fashion statement' or 'lifestyle choice'. Also, it was intended to highlight the petty in-fighting that goes on between those groups of people who should really be uniting to overthrow the tyranny of the blandite majority.

Trevor's Choking on His Own Vomit
Imagine if Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds had been written by a Government Health Official, but one who delighted in gory detail about bad-trips, addiction and dirty needles. This is it. For some reason Mr Pump thought it was in bad taste, and refused to ever play it. Are his standards slipping?

Celebrity Hit-list
If, by some inexplicable spasm of fate, The Lovely Brothers began to attract the sort of twisted fans who might take our songs seriously (to the point of actually carrying out the acts of murder and torture referred to herein) we would not be altogether displeased.

Poor Little Archibald
Finally, an entire song of unmitigated Mr Pump! Quite amusing, if you like that kind of thing.

The Trials and Tribulations of Songwriting
Once, whilst I was ruminating on my inability to write anything of value, I hit upon a great idea. Why not write a song, I thought to myself, about my inability to write anything of value! By a strange twist of fate, the result was rather good (by comparison).

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